How Connected TV Advertising Works

Connected TV, or CTV, is content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or over-the-top (OTT) devices. SteelHouse Performance TV allows brands to target their audience with Connected TV ads during premium, ad-supported shows provided by well-known networks.

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How Does Connected TV Advertising Work?

With SteelHouse, you can launch your own Connected TV advertising campaigns from a single platform.

CTV advertising interface showing an ad being uploaded.

Upload Your Creative

Drag and drop, or link your Dropbox or Google Drive to upload your ad.

CTV advertising platform user interface showing audience selection options.





Select Your Audience

Build your audience with first party data or segments powered by the Oracle Data Cloud.

Oracle Data Cloud
Multiple device screens showing CTV advertising being extended into display ads.

Extend Your Campaign

Reach your Connected TV audience through display ads on any device.

CTV advertising platform user interface screen showing budgeting options.

Set Your Budget & Launch

Just enter your goal, budget, and start date — no bid required.Because our platform runs your campaign with Dynamic Spend Optimization, it removes the need to enter a bid. Instead it automatically finds the optimal bid per channel to ensure you reach your goal. Simply enter your monthly budget, goal, and launch date — our technology does the rest.

CTV advertising platform user interface showing campaign performance.





See the Results

Track your performance any time with insight into site visitors, page visits, creative performance and more.

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Where Are Connected TV Ads Shown?

Pluto TV
Food Network
Amazon Prime


Some of our networks and apps accessed through Smart TV’s or OTT devices.

Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Android TV
PlayStation 4


Connected TV streams across devices you find everywhere.

How Are Connected TV Audiences Targeted?

With SteelHouse you can retarget site visitors, or launch prospecting campaigns that reach brand new audiences.


Leverage your home page visitors, display or video clicks, and form completions.

Frequency Caps

Improve user experience by not serving the same ad to the same person over and over.


Take advantage of personas, age and gender, income, household, and intent information.

IP Targeting

Target audiences on television with the accuracy of a digital campaign.

Connected TV Advertising vs OTT Advertising

Connected TV Advertising vs OTT Advertising

What’s the difference? There isn’t one — they are just different names for the same thing. Whether you’re looking for a Connected TV advertising platform to launch CTV ads, or an OTT advertising platform to access OTT inventory, SteelHouse has got you covered.

Is Connected TV Considered Addressable TV Advertising?

Addressable TV generally refers to the ability to show different ads to different viewers during a broadcast on traditional TV. Connected TV advertising leverages detailed targeting capabilities to allow advertisers to serve different ads to viewers streaming the same show on Connected TV. They’re similar, but advertising on Connected TV is more effective.

  • Addressable TV
  • Relies on Broadcast

  • Skippable Ads

  • Limited Targeting

  • Incomplete Analytics


  • Connected TV
  • Served While Streaming

  • Non-Skippable

  • Precision Targeting

  • In-Depth Analytics

Why Advertise on Connected TV with SteelHouse?

Advertising on Connected TV can feel overwhelming, but we make it easy.

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