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Connected TV Retargeting

SteelHouse Performance TV brings retargeting to television. For the first time ever, you can target viewers who have visited your website and bring them back to convert with compelling ads streamed across major networks and apps.

Connected TV Retargeting

Retarget Site Visitors on Connected TV

SteelHouse Performance TV combines the experience of television with the urgency, targeting, and timeliness of retargeting.

Connected TV Retargeting

How Connected TV Retargeting Works

Set Your Pixel

1. Set Your Pixel

Set up a SteelHouse campaign, then place the SteelHouse Pixel on your website.

Build Your Audience

2. Build Your Audience

Once the pixel is live, any visitors to your site get added to the retargeting audience pool.

Retarget Viewers

3. Retarget Viewers

Any user who visits your site is now eligible to receive Connected TV retargeting ads.

Retarget Your Way

You can take your retargeting further—it’s up to you. Retarget viewers solely on Connected TV, or extend your campaigns by retargeting viewers who saw your Connected TV ad with related ads across display and mobile.

Connected TV Retargeting

Site Visitors
Retargeted on TV
Site Visitors
Retargeted on TV

Audience Extension

CTV Ad Viewers
Retargeted for the Web
CTV Ad Viewers
Retargeted on the Web

A Complete Full-Funnel Strategy

Keep your retargeting audience full with Connected TV prospecting campaigns powered by the Oracle Data Cloud - giving you access to countless audience segments to help fill your funnel.

Learn How Connected TV Ads Work

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