The Designer & The Secret Runner

Written by Tim Edmundson


What does it take to become an amazing designer? If you ask our Senior Interactive Designer Katie Wilson, she’ll tell you it’s all about the people you work with. “You want to keep raising the bar,” says Katie, “and the only way to do that is to work with other people that are stronger than you in certain areas.” It’s that experience that has made Katie into a designer that understands what a project needs, and how to best translate that into a design that speaks to the masses.

So what does that mean exactly? It’s all about balancing design aesthetics and message — especially in the advertising world. Ads, and design in general, play a major part in people’s everyday lives. It’s up to designers to ensure their work is eye catching, but not too intrusive. Engaging, but not so much that the message is lost. Easy, right? Not really.

In the latest installment of our Profile Series, we talk to Katie about her view on design, the role ads play in user experience, and how her “secret running” hobby has led her to the gates of the Magic Kingdom, and a drawer full of medals.