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Netflix Stock, Internet Trends, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

Netflix missed their subscriber goals by one million viewers which sent the stock tumbling this past week. Holding themselves to aggressive subscriber growth, one must wonder if the streaming giant isn’t shooting themselves in the foot — who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription at this point? If anything, Netflix is a victim of its own success in that there just aren’t a lot of non-subscribers left to bring into the fold. If anyone looks to this news as an indication that Connected TV streaming services may be losing steam, they are mistaken.

Aside from that, Amazon put on their Prime Day with mixed results, Mary Meeker released her Internet Trends 2018 report, and IAB is starting to get serious about the blockchain. Let’s take a look at the stories making headlines this week.



Netflix’s Stock Crash Won’t Make the Big Media Moguls Feel Any Better
While their earnings report didn’t bring much joy to shareholders, traditional media giants should still be left uneasy by overall Connected TV trends.

Prime Day is More Than a Gimmick, it’s the Single Biggest Event to Expand Amazon’s Defensive Moat
Driving Prime signups is key to Amazon’s retail success, and Prime Day goes a long way to helping them hit their goals.

Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report: All Slides, Plus Analysis
Anything and everything you were ever curious about is answered in this presentation.

Netflix is Spending More on Marketing This Year Than Some of Its Rivals Are on Content
The streaming giant has a $2 billion marketing budget in addition to the $8 billion to spend on content.

Will Blockchain Add Another Ad Tech Tax? IAB Tech Lab Intends to Find Out
The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Tech Lab on Tuesday revealed details of a Blockchain Working Group pilot program that is designed to answer that question.

After GDPR, U.S. Marketers Are More Worried About Audience Targeting Limitations Than Fines
Fifty-one percent of U.S. marketers’ biggest worry from GDPR is losing audience targeting capabilities.



Facebook Says ‘Tens of Thousands’ of People Opt in to Take its User Surveys Every Week
100 user researchers collect and analyze feedback to help inform product decisions and maintain good user experience.

New Features in the Facebook Ads Manager App Make Building Ads on Mobile Easier
The ad-creation tool has five new features, including the ability to include overlays, stickers, logos and more.

The ROI of Social Media
Check out this infographic to see how social media marketing can make an impact for any brand.

Twitter’s Bot Purge Welcomed by Agency Execs
Twitter’s most-followed account, Katy Perry, lost 2 million. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lost 200,000. Wheat Thins lost 12,003. But that’s a good thing for marketers.

Where Will Facebook’s Growth Come From? Instagram
There’s enormous advertising potential on Instagram, and Facebook is poised to take advantage.


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