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Written by Tim Edmundson

The 250 team members that make up SteelHouse have always focused on one thing – innovation that makes digital advertising better. Our focus has led us to deliver the transparency and control our customers want, and fueled one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

This focus has also helped us grow. In 2015, we tripled our revenue and ended the year at a $130 million revenue run rate. In fact, at even half our current growth rate SteelHouse is on its way to $1 billion in revenue in the next 48 months.

“Most fights aren’t about good versus evil, they’re about new versus old.” – Tom Robbins

Our growth is what led Criteo to relentlessly attack SteelHouse and file a lawsuit against us. Criteo believes our innovation is something to sue over. It’s not. Their allegations are categorically false and based on the idea that doing something different than them is wrong.

Criteo has long been suspected of suspicious activity and there are details of that in various articles and blog posts. Their actions led SteelHouse to investigate Criteo’s behavior. Today we filed a countersuit against Criteo based on what we found.

Nothing about this is pleasant. But we look forward to it being decided by the court and expect the outcome will set a new precedent in the industry.

We plan to continue doing what we love – building award-winning, innovative advertising solutions and seeing more firsts. SteelHouse was the first to provide unlimited real-time segmentation. We were the first to provide more than a thousand reporting metrics with unlimited ways to view, report, and optimize against campaigns and marketing goals. We were the first to provide a creative language designed specifically to build better ads.

This year we will be the first to successfully roll out SaaS pricing that charges a flat CPM for usage of its software and no markup on media. And with our new Creative Suite, another industry first, we are creating an entirely new creative category that will change the way ads are built.

We will continue to represent what is new and forward thinking, to challenge the status quo, and deliver new ways for our customers to tell their brands’ stories.


Mark Douglas
President & CEO, SteelHouse

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headshotMark oversees the direction of SteelHouse with his 20 years of product development experience gained through repeated success in helping fast-growth companies transition into emerging markets.

He started at Oracle. Shortly after, Mark founded a series of successful startups resulting in IPOs and acquisitions. He was the VP of Technology at eHarmony and built new technology for Rubicon Project as the VP of Engineering.