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Google’s Data Debacle, Amazon Attracting Ad Budgets, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

There’s a big story involving a social network and a massive data breach! What’s Facebook gotten up to THIS time? Wait, it’s not Facebook? It’s Google+? That’s still a thing?

It was recently revealed Google’s social network suffered a security flaw all the way back in 2015, which was only fixed in March of this year. That’s pretty bad, but the hook to this story isn’t the breach, but the fact Google didn’t disclose it. Their reason was because they didn’t want to face consumer or regulatory backlash, which isn’t exactly a solid reason for not telling anyone. The recent revelations have lead to Google shutting Google+ down, much to the chagrin of maybe a few dozen people.

In more bad news for Google this week, Amazon’s new ad business appears to be positioning itself to become a competitor to Google’s. Industry insiders are reporting that in some cases half of budgets are being shifted from Google to Amazon. Time will tell what sort of impact Amazon’s entry into the digital ad business will have, but early signs seem to point to disruption.

Let’s see what else is making marketing news this week.



Google Falls After Report it Covered Up Potential Security Flaw
Alphabet’s stock tumbled as its revealed Google hid a security breach which started in 2015, and was only fixed in March of this year.

The Power of Disruptive Digital Narrative
Old media meant a very particular type of story could be told… but old media isn’t what’s dominant these days.

Some Advertisers are Moving Half of their Search Budget from Google to Amazon, Say Ad Industry Sources
SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas chimes in on the potential impact Amazon’s ad service will have on the digital ad industry.

Survey: 32 Percent of Consumers Say Brands are Delivering Less on Promises
If there’s a disconnect between what you’re marketing promises, and what your product delivers, you may have a problem.

What Google’s Data Snafu Means for the $88B Digital Ad Industry
The Wall Street Journal reports the company originally chose not to disclose the issue as it feared increased regulatory scrutiny and consumer backlash… which sounds a lot like “we didn’t tell anyone because we didn’t want to get in trouble.”

To Unlock The Potential Of AI In Marketing Analytics, We Must Go Back To Basics
AI is becoming a more dominant force in advertising, and with good reason.



Facebook is Audaciously Launching a Video Gadget for Your Home Called Portal
Facebook enters the fray to compete with Alexa and other connected devices.

Google to Shutter Google+ Following Undisclosed Data Exposure
The flailing social network shuts its doors after a massive data breach was revealed.

Forecast Downgrades 2018 Snap Ad-Revenue Outlook by 36 Percent
Snap has seen better days, and analysts don’t see an upturn anytime soon.

Facebook Will Soon Rely on Instagram for the Majority of its Ad Revenue Growth
Facebook’s prestige might be fading a bit, but Instagram is still going strong, and will most likely shoulder the majority of ad revenue going forward.

Facebook Says There Are No Ads in its New Video Device… Well Some Ads, But it’s Definitely Private
While the device itself won’t serve ads, programming that streams through it (such as Spotify) will carry their own.



Google Appeals Record $5B EU Antitrust Android Fine
The European Commission saw the practice of forcing device makers to include certain Google products to be “an abuse of market position.”

How Hip-Hop Artist Ryan Leslie Hopes to Transform Mobile Marketing
The musician believes if you cut out the middleman when it comes to mobile marketing, you’ll see better engagement.


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