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Facebook’s Privacy, GDPR’s Effect on the Duopoly, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

This week in marketing news, data protection continues to dominate headlines with the GDPR rollout and the most recent scrutiny against Facebook for sharing user data with device makers.

Facebook’s troubles with privacy continued this week, when it was revealed the tech giant shared private user information with at least 60 device makers, including Amazon, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Samsung. This latest revelation does not line up with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony, where he claimed they would no longer share such information with outsiders. But will this spell more trouble for the social network? If their stock price is any indication, not likely. And if advertisers did not abandon Facebook before, there’s little chance this latest development will prompt any to take action.

In other news, “the most anticipated slide deck of the year,” YouTube triumphs, and Amazon as the friendly giant. Here’s what else is making headlines this week.


Puma Conducting Global Media Agency Review
The footwear and fashion giant is running a global media pitch, adding to the long list of recent media reviews.

How Pop-Up Shops Are Evolving as Ecommerce Brands Expand Their Footprints
More and more ecommerce brands are dipping their toe into the brick and mortar space, banking on Instagrammable moments and first-party data to lead them to success.

12 Key Takeaways (And Some Industry Insight) From Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report
American Venture Capitalist Mary Meeker delivered “the most anticipated slide deck of the year” during her annual presentation on internet trends. After summarizing her 280 slide deck, here’s what you need to know.

The ‘Failing’ New York Times Just Hit A New Record For Subscriptions
The New York Times continues to outperform expectations despite a constant barrage of attacks from the President, reaching a record number of 3.3 million subscribers and doubling its digital base in over two years.

Vista to Acquire Majority Stake in Digital Ad Measurement Firm Integral Ad Science
The latest in a wave of deals involving advertising technology companies that help marketers measure the effectiveness of their digital ads.


Why It’s Time to Update Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy
The new algorithm change means marketers need to change how they approach the social platform.

YouTube Crushes Facebook Among Teens
Recent survey finds video site is favored platform with 13-17 year-olds. Facebook continues to lose popularity among millennials at the hand of Youtube, Instagram and Snap Inc.

‘The Google Data Protection Regulation’: GDPR is Strafing Ad Sellers
Google’s role in the upheaval following recent GDPR policy changes. Independent ad exchanges aren’t out of the woods either.

How GDPR Could Weaken, Not Strengthen, The Duopoly
Popular opinion suggests that GDPR may favor the existing Facebook and Google duopoly. However, further analysis reveals that the giants might be in for a bumpy ride, at least in the short term.

WTF is the California Consumer Privacy Act?
GDPR with sunglasses? What California needs to know surrounding this wave of state-specific privacy policy.

Facebook is Shutting Down its Trending Topics Section
After being criticized for surfacing unreliable content, Facebook decides its controversial feature is better off dead.


Brands, Please Stop Ruining the Consumer Mobile Journey With Desktop Experiences
Prioritizing the mobile experience has never been more important. Why brands should shift their focus from the desktop experience to the mobile user.

What Mobile Marketers Really Need to Know About Deep Linking
Explaining the value of the deeplink; the shortcut for apps that keep users interested.

Apple Announces Slew of New Anti-Addiction iPhone Controls
How our addiction is being managed by the very technology behind it.

Connected TV

Amazon Has Become an Important Distributor for Over-the-Top Networks
While Amazon has become a significant driver of subscriptions for TV companies with over-the-top streaming channels, networks say they’re not too concerned about ceding too much control to the tech giant

OTT Demand Once Preceded The Supply, But The Tide Has Turned
Over The Top growth, efficacy, and the approach of economic equilibrium in an expanding market.

Hulu Moves on ‘Strategic’ Reorg
Hulu welcomes new CTO, former TiVo COO Dan Phillips, and shifts their attention to three new areas of growth.

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