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Written by Tim Edmundson

This is the first in a new monthly series, where SteelHouse leadership will share their thoughts, opinions and perspectives on the industry and other relevant topics. 

Fifteen years ago, I joined a small company called With a small team and a new technology, GoTo was on a mission to help advertisers drive results through a new business model called paid search. Turns out, we were not just building a company, we were creating a category. A few years later, the company had over a $1 billion in sales, supported close to 100,000 advertisers and was eventually acquired by Yahoo!.

It was an amazing experience. I’ve often been asked what I believe was the secret to their success. Looking back, there are three things that come to mind:

1) Timing | People were looking for something other than banners and pop ups to drive revenue

2) A Great Product | At the end of the day, advertisers grew with us because paid search actually worked

3) A Great Team | An amazing group of people who were smart, driven and passionate

Fifteen years later, I found the same recipe at SteelHouse. Having been on the client side for the last few years, it was clear to me that something had to change in the way performance marketing was sold and bought. I wanted the transparency and control (and performance!) that was created with paid search – and SteelHouse was doing just that.

And so here I am writing this note with a SteelHouse email address! Listening to customers is not only a big part of marketing’s role – it is the key to our success. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to create a dialogue about our industry and experiences. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a note or find me on the usual social suspects.

Patrizio (Pato) Spagnoletto
Chief Marketing Officer, SteelHouse | @patospago | LinkedIn

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Patrizio leads the marketing team and is in charge of driving brand awareness and performance for the company.

He brings 20 years of marketing experience from both the client and publisher side. Most recently Patrizio was the Head of Digital for Farmers Insurance. Prior to Farmers, he held a variety of leadership positions at Yahoo! including VP Global Marketing Services.