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Building a Sales Team to Believe In

Written by Tim Edmundson


Building a Sales Team in Adtech is No Easy Feat

The tech industry naturally gravitates toward evolution — it’s what it’s built upon after all. Not only do the products and services change and improve over time, so too do the organizations. From methodologies to marketing tactics, any tech business worth their salt iterates and evolves to match the new challenges they face.

No one knows that more than Robert Cornell, VP of Sales at SteelHouse. He’s spent the last few years building an agile and adaptable sales team which has found success in a highly competitive adtech space. That’s no easy feat. And it’s even more difficult when going outside the norm, trying new approaches to training, best practices, and team cohesion.

In our latest SteelHouse Profile Series entry, Robert breaks down the SteelHouse sales team philosophy. With a focus on building talent through trust and training, he’s scaled a successful organization that nets team wins and individual accolades. Watch the video above to hear how an unorthodox approach has led to a team we’re all proud to call a part of the SteelHouse family.


More Insight into the SteelHouse Sales Philosophy

Robert’s approach to building a successful sales team has caught the attention of more than a few industry observers, including the Sales Leadership Podcast with Rob Jeppsen. He recently stopped by to give a full rundown on how SteelHouse’s unique approach has led to great growth for not only his team, but the company as a whole.

Check out Robert’s full episode here.