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Bayer Brings it In-House, Agencies are Questioned, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

It’s a rare week when we aren’t in the midst of some sort of privacy scandal or other bit of drama when it comes to digital marketing news, but here we are. The news emerging this week instead appears to support a few ongoing narratives  the trend of brands bringing certain ad operations in-house continues with moves made by Bayer, Connected TV is shaking up how media is being purchased across all channels, and big agencies’ positions as tastemakers in the industry is again being questioned.

That said, just because the news isn’t spicy this week, doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy. Let’s take a look at what’s making headlines this week.



Bayer to Bring Programmatic In-House
Search and programmatic media planning, buying, execution, strategy, and analytics will all be handled by an in-house team.

What a Decentralized Web Means for Online Advertising
Is there a place for ad tech in a decentralized digital world?

How Connected TV Will Impact All Media Buying and Its Pricing
As marketers discover they can essentially handpick customers to connect with on CTV, the entire programmatic ad space may be turned on its head.

Why Big Agency Names Aren’t Nearly As Relevant As They Once Were
The mega agencies that once dominated the ad industry are showing their age.

Forbes Sells More Intelligently by Mapping Content to Audiences
The publisher matches content with users based on their data instead of gut feeling, which means they can sell brands sponsorships and branded content anchored with real data.

How Advertisers Are Using Twitch to Reach People Who Hate Ads
The video game streaming platform boasts 15 million daily active users who fall into the golden demo of 18-34 year old males, and advertisers are working hard to reach them.



How PinkNews Plans to Drive Revenue from Snapchat 
The LGBT+ news source is thinking Snapchat’s ecommerce viability can be a money maker.

Facebook Attribution Now Available to All Advertisers
After spending nearly a year in beta, the attribution system is ready for primetime.

Survey: Social Commerce Held Back by Security, Privacy Concerns
82% of adults surveyed said they have never used a social buy button, which matches the number recorded back in 2016.

Oculus Co-Founder Joins Facebook’s List of Acquisition Departures
Brendan Iribe leaves the company, right on the heels of the departures of Instagram’s founders.

‘Inherently Thumb Stopping’: Engagement-thirsty Marketers Try Out Facebook 3D Photos
The 3D photos, introduced a couple weeks ago, give photos taken in iPhone’s portrait mode appear to have depth.



Coalition Against Ad Fraud releases ‘first standardized document’ to pin down mobile fraud
The Coalition Against Ad Fraud released a standardized document to define ad fraud, because the first step to fixing a problem is identifying it.

Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever
The social networks evolution from photo sharing app to commerce marketplace may be slowed by a lack of monetization tools.


We’ll Keep You Up to Date

That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.