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An Education in Advertising, WPP Shakeup, & Mobile Experience | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

It’s time for some marketing news. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress last week seems to have calmed much of the storm around the social network’s privacy concerns, with shareholders responding positively to the answers he gave to lawmakers. Will this be the end of this saga? Maybe!

Regardless, the debate around data privacy can only be a good thing. As SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas told Yahoo! Finance this past week, the debate has been a teaching moment on how digital advertising works. And with transparency comes educated decisions, meaning there’s a way forward that benefits everyone.

There’s been plenty more going on in the world of advertising, so let’s take a look at the rest of the stories garnering attention this week.

Digital Marketing News

CEO: Zuckerberg’s Testimony Has Been a ‘Big Education’ on How the Internet Works
SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas appeared on Yahoo! Finance to explain what the Facebook CEO’s testimony on Capitol Hill means.

Google’s Facebook Copycat Moves Put Company in Privacy Hot Seat
In their attempt to try and play catch-up to Facebook, Google may have kicked the same hornet’s nest.

Martin Sorrell, Head of the World’s Biggest Ad Agency, Resigns
Some say he saved the ad industry, while others say he crushed its soul. Either way, he’s gone now and the ad world wonders what’s next.

Ad Tech Streams into Audio
There’s a large opportunity in streaming radio, and ad tech firms are starting to turn onto the opportunity.

This Week in GDPR
Get the rundown on how companies are preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation that goes into effect May 28th across Europe.

Google Brings ‘Funding Choices’ Ad Messaging to More Countries & Adds Subscription Offer
Launched last June, Google’s platform was designed to help publishers recover lost revenue from ad blockers. Today, they announced they are rolling it out to 31 more countries.

Social Marketing News

Facebook Doesn’t Expect Revenue Impact Over Privacy Concerns
Much ado about nothing, says the social giant, on whether advertisers will flee around the controversy around data privacy practices.

How to Stand Out on Social Media, Even With Heavy Competition
It’s a crowded space, but Neil Patel advises what you can do to stand out amongst the masses.

Snapchat Looks to Offer New e-Commerce Options for Discover Publishers
A new feature is being tested that will let users wipe on a product and buy it from the Snap Store.

Mobile Marketing News

Reinventing Storytelling for the Mobile World
Facebook weighs in on what’s important for brands to include in their messaging for a mobile world.

Solving for Cross-Device Complexity with Multi-Touch Attribution
Tech advances have made multi-touch attribution a no-brainer for tracking a campaign’s total performance.

Closing the Deal with In-Store Customers
Your mobile campaigns can go a long way in ensuring brick-and-mortar customers convert while they’re in your store.

Brands, Please Stop Ruining the Consumer Mobile Journey with Desktop Experiences
The world is going more mobile every day, meaning your mobile experience must be top notch to drive conversions.

Connected TV Marketing News

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Same Time, Same Place

That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.