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Amazon’s Dominance, Facebook’s Plunge, & More | Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

The most recent Amazon Prime Day was seen as a bit of a clustercuss from a logistics standpoint. Site outages, bugs, and a generally poor user experience had all the makings of a disaster. And yet even with all the trouble, Prime Day was a smashing success — the most successful one in Amazon’s history. It’s a safe assumption that at this point Amazon is more or less unstoppable. And on the back of this fresh success, the ecommerce giant just announced they are looking to close the gap on Facebook and Google with an increased ad presence.

Facebook meanwhile made history of its own…just not the kind they would prefer. The social giant saw their stock suffer the largest one-day drop in stock market history, losing $119 billion in market value on the news their user growth was slowing and their revenue was expected to lose steam in the coming quarters. Still, Facebook has shown resilience in the face of adversity before, and it also owns Instagram which has an optimistic future. Regardless of how it plays out, Facebook’s future should be an interesting one.

There were plenty of other things going on in the world of marketing this week. Let’s take a look at the headlines this week.



Here’s How EU’s $5b Fine Against Google Will Affect the Digital Ad Ecosystem
Even minor changes can bring about major consequences, especially when it comes to digital ads.

Amazon to Test New Ground for its Sponsored Products Ads: The Rest of the Internet
Amazon plans to dramatically increase the available space for one of its most important formats, Sponsored Products, expanding beyond its own properties.

Facebook, Twitter, Google & Microsoft partner to launch the Data Transfer Project
The open-source initiative aims to build a framework that makes it easy for people to transfer their data between online services.

Even with the Glitches, Prime Day 2018 Proves to be Amazon’s Biggest Sales Day Ever
Nothing can stop the juggernaut that is Amazon.

CMOs, Take a Walk on the Sales Side
It may be a good idea for every CMO roll up their sleeves, grind out a pitch deck and then do at least one sales presentation themselves.

EBay CEO Rallies Merchants with Big Goals, Holiday Ad Pledge
EBay CEO Devin Wenig pledged to spend big on marketing to lure more women and millennial shoppers.



Facebook Stock Suffers Largest One-Day Drop in History, Shedding $119 Billion
There wasn’t much for investors to like with Facebook’s recent earnings report and guidance.

Facebook Investigates a Social Data Firm that Works with Top Brands and Agencies
The quest for data privacy and security continues with an examination of data firms.

How LinkedIn Uses Contact Targeting and Website Retargeting
Get a peek behind the curtain to see how LinkedIn targeting works.

Twitter Puts Verification Process Work on Hold to Focus on Elections Integrity
Twitter’s head of product says his team is pausing work on the Bluecheck/Verification process to focus on the health of the app ahead of elections.

GOOOOOOAL! How Fans Came Together to Celebrate on Facebook
A quick look at how the World Cup played out across Facebook.

Facebook Takes a Back Seat to Instagram as Ad Spend on the Facebook-owned App Grows 177%
It’s a good time to be on Instagram, and a good time to BE Instagram right now.



Your Phone is Not Secretly Spying on Your Conversations. It Doesn’t Need to
One of the internet’s favorite conspiracy theories is put to rest.

Google Releases AMP Stories v1.0 with New Features, Including an Ads Beta for DFP Users
AMP Stories is now available to all developers. DFP users can inquire about participating in the ads beta.

New Features in the Facebook Ads Manager App Make Building Ads on Mobile Easier
It’s a mobile world, so Facebook is looking to make it easier to build ads on the go.


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