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Netflix Well Positioned for WFH Content Production

Written by Tim Edmundson

COVID-19’s Impact On The Streaming Wars

A large part of the workforce has transitioned to work from home, and content producers are no exception. And that’s having a ripple effect on the streaming wars. 

HBO Max made its debut today, sporting an expensive $15 per month price tag (the highest for a basic streaming service) but not much fresh content. That’s because the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted content production, so TV events like the Friends reunion have been delayed. That’s a big blow for HBO Max, as they were relying on Friends and other new shows to help make their debut a hit.

Every streaming network hasn’t been equally impacted, however. SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas stopped by Mornings with Maria today on Fox Business to share insights on Netflix’s current approach to the new work from home world. It turns out, he said, that Netflix is uniquely positioned to weather the storm better than others. 

“The first reason is they’re a tech company, they’re comfortable with technology,” said Douglas when discussing why Netflix can flourish in a remote-work environment. “Second reason is that Netflix is creating content worldwide. They were the first to go international and offer subscriptions worldwide, and they are producing a lot of content all over the world.” 

Two things are a certainty as of this moment: Content is king, and streaming TV is booming. Any service that can offer fresh content will have an advantage over the rest, and it looks like Netflix has the edge.