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    Net a Broad Audience with Facebook Dynamic Ads

    Show New Customers What You've Got with Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    Social 5 Min Read

    Net a Broad Audience with Facebook Dynamic Ads

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    “Facebook is widely considered the best performing advertising platform. Period.” This was SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas weighing in on Bloomberg this past week about Facebook’s current state in the advertising world. “Companies run ads and they get the purchases they’re looking for, and they get the consumer response they’re looking for.”

    It’s true, it’s hard to beat the platform Facebook has built for advertisers. With enormous reach and a user base that loves to engage with content, the social media giant has created an ecosystem that gives advertisers an enormous opportunity to connect with their audience.

    Today, we’re taking a look at one particular ad format Facebook offers that seems to be a perfect balance of leveraging two of Facebook’s greatest assets — reach and engagement — and combining them into an ad that maximizes both. Let’s explore why Facebook’s dynamic ads for broad audiences make for a great campaign for any brand looking to find new customers.

    Show Them What You’ve Got with Facebook Dynamic Ads

    Dynamic ads for broad audiences allow advertisers to plug their entire product catalog into their campaign. This is advantageous for a number of reasons — for example, pulling products dynamically into your ad helps drive engagement — but the chief benefit is made clear when you combine it with Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

    Dynamic ads leverage user data, such as browsing activity (both on and off Facebook) as well as demographic traits, to pair shoppers with products they would most likely engage with. Because the entire product catalog is available, brands can rely on their campaign’s data to match prospective customers to products they actually want to see. And we should note, this is a big deal because these aren’t retargeting ads, where the targeting pool is limited to site visitors. These are prospecting ads, which allow brands to reach anyone on Facebook that has an interest in what they’re offering. What results is almost a “one size fits all” prospecting ad, which has the capability to provide something valuable to anyone who comes across it.

    That all said, from a setup perspective, trying to wrangle a product catalog and product feed with potentially thousands of items can be a headache. This is why we recommend using the SteelHouse pixel to automatically pull products and product info directly from your site. This creates the product catalog for you, and helps launch dynamic ads like Facebook’s much easier.

    With a pixel that automatically creates your catalog, and ads powered by Facebook data matching the right products to the right customers, you put yourself in an advantageous position. So what does the performance look like for a campaign running dynamic ads for broad audiences?

    Drive Better Performance on Facebook

    We’ve been running dynamic ads on Facebook with some our brand partners, and the performance has been noteworthy. Check out these performance highlights from a campaign we ran with Industry West.

    > New Site Traffic | +55%
    > Organic Site Conversions | +49%
    > Organic Sales/Revenue | +33%
    > ROAS | 4X

    Needless to say, the campaign was a hit — it led to large increases in new site visitors, site conversions, organic sales, and yielded a 4x ROAS. Thanks to SteelHouse and Facebook, Industry West was able to grow their business, attract new customers, and use dynamic ads to pair those new customers with products that would be a great fit.

    Check out the full case study below.

    Private: Industry West Increases Site Conversions 49% with Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

    This leading retailer in industrial, mid-century and modern furniture offers iconic designs for everyone. They came to SteelHouse to scale their business, find new customers, and reach them with an engaging format that would convert prospects into customers.

    View Case Study

    Want to Get Started?

    As a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP), we can help you navigate the ins and outs a campaign like this, as well as introduce you to new opportunities available exclusively through working with an FMP. If you’re looking to get started and see what dynamic ads for broad audiences can do for you, schedule a demo today.


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