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Most Streamers Watch Over Half Their TV on Connected TV

Written by Tim Edmundson

66% Watch Over Half Their TV on CTV

A report by RapidTV News has revealed most Connected TV watchers use the majority of their TV time to consume streaming content. And considering that CTV and smart devices make up 75% of all video stream viewing, there’s a major opportunity for advertisers who want to reach viewers while they’re watching TV to do so with Connected TV.   

This is great news for brands advertising on Connected TV. With more than 190 million CTV watchers in the U.S., many are reachable with ads that can be targeted and tracked. Connected TV is an advertising channel that allows for greater audience and analytics capabilities than it’s traditional counterparts. With consumers spending more hours streaming, the opportunities for marketers to get their ads in front of the right people have never been better.

Connected TV in the News

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