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“King of Streaming Analysis” Weighs in on Disney+, Hulu Numbers

Written by Tim Edmundson

Disney+ Doubles Subscribers, Hulu Numbers Announced

Disney reported their Disney+ numbers this week, and the number of subscriptions surpassed analysts’ predictions. That’s a big story, but one we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to streaming’s increasing popularity. Netflix, for example, has continuously added subscribers quarter after quarter. With the successful launch of Disney+, and other potentially popular offerings coming online, it’s safe to assume the total number of streamers will only continue to climb. 

In an interview with Fox Business in which he was dubbed “the king of streaming analysis” by host Stuart Varney, SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas called out an even bigger story for Connected TV advertisers. Disney also announced Hulu’s numbers – a first – with the ad-supported streaming increasing viewers by 33% YoY. This should prove as an important bellwether for ad-supported streaming as a whole, said Douglas, and something advertisers should keep their eye on as the numbers and revenues increase for CTV advertising.

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