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Introducing SteelHouse Advertising Suite Premier

Written by Tim Edmundson

Digital advertising certainly has had its challenges over the years. Marketers have learned to settle for advertising solutions that promise performance, but offer zero visibility into how that performance is achieved. They’ve compromised their brand’s image with creative that isn’t worthy of their style or standards. And they’ve been conditioned to take a “trust us” approach when it comes to their budgets, never truly knowing where (or how much) of their budget is spent on media.

So how can marketers solve for this? First, they need to know four basic things: their ads look amazing, where their ads are running, what they paid, and how their ads truly perform. With this knowledge, marketers can be confident their campaigns are as strong as they possibly can be — the industry just needs the right solution to help get them those answers.

This is why we built the new Premier Edition of our Advertising Suite, which gives marketers of any skill level the ability to build beautiful creative and launch fully transparent retargeting campaigns in minutes instead of days or weeks. We built Premier to give marketers exactly what they need to achieve performance they know is genuine — and we’re confident that other retargeting solutions don’t compare.

So are you getting everything you need from your current solution? If you’re not sure, here are three quick questions for you to consider:


Other retargeting solutions give you creative that is passable at best, with no easy way to make quick edits or control over the final look or feel of your ad. This puts marketers in a tough spot. You want creative that performs, but not at the expense of your brand and you don’t want to wait weeks during a long creative process.

Premier gives you control over your creative with access to the SteelHouse Creative Suite, giving you professionally-designed templates that you can customize to match your brand’s aesthetic (that sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief of all the brand managers out there). The templates are built on years of experience designing ads for the world’s biggest brands, and those learnings have been applied to the look, feel, and format of each template.

Keep in mind that your ads do more than just drive revenue — they are generally the most common form of interaction your company will have with potential customers. So make sure your retargeting solution is putting your best foot forward.

ASK YOUR VENDOR: How can I make my ads match my brand guidelines? Can I quickly edit the CTA or offer in my ad and relaunch my campaign today? Can I add a carousel that features my products in an elegant way?


This is a hot topic in the industry — all too often marketers are completely unaware how much of their budget is actually spent on media versus hidden margins. Advertising vendors are pretty gun shy about this information because they don’t want to share how much of your money they are keeping.

When we say Premier is the first fully transparent retargeting solution, we mean it. We show you exactly how much of your budget is spent on media so you know where your budget is being spent. You won’t have to wonder about any hidden margins, and you’ll know just how effective your media dollars are. This shows you the true impact of your media — giving you true insight into your actual ROAS.

ASK YOUR VENDOR: How much of my spend is going toward actual media?


Performance, performance, performance. This is what you will always hear from retargeting vendors, which makes complete sense: who doesn’t want strong performance, right? The problem with pinning all your hopes to the “performance” line of thinking is that it just isn’t good enough anymore.

“Any company selling retargeting based only on performance is living in the past—basic performance is now table stakes,” says Mark Douglas, President & CEO of SteelHouse. Everyone promises performance, but the issue is how that performance is generated. Other solutions will report the numbers and tell you that everything is going according to plan — the clicks are coming in! — but that’s it. Even if you ask for more detailed reporting, chances are you won’t get it.

Premier is different in that it will give you transparent reporting, right down to the publisher level. That means your budget and performance aren’t beholden to mystery sites that drive a lot of clicks, but little else. You’ll know exactly where your clicks and conversions are coming from, and rest assured they are from sites that you are proud to have your ads run.

ASK YOUR VENDOR: Where are my ads being run? Can I see a list of publisher sites where my conversions came from?


Marketers deserve better than what they currently have — it’s that simple. You should get creative you’re proud of, you should get full transparency into what you’re buying, and you should know exactly where your money goes. As has been said, performance is just table stakes at this point — it’s time to go beyond that and start to value what will take your advertising to the next level.

This is how Premier has been designed to get you there:

> Customize the Industry’s Best Creative | You get access to the Creative Suite, giving you professionally-designed, customizable templates that you can build to match your brand.

Total Transparency into Reporting and Pricing | You know exactly what you spent for your ads, with separate pricing reported for your media and platform spends. And you know how your ads are truly performing, all the way down to the publisher level.

Performance with Fewer Clicks | We only buy premium and premium plus inventory, giving you the same or better click-performance — with fewer clicks.

But don’t take our word for it. Do your research and if you want to compare running campaigns with Premier, here’s how you can easily launch your campaigns in a few hours: Click here to get started now.