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If They Have a TV, Chances Are They Have Connected TV

Written by Tim Edmundson

Most Americans Have Connected TV

Connected TV devices are becoming a staple of Americans’ living rooms, which means more and more viewers can easily stream television. According to new Nielsen research, roughly 80% of Americans who own a TV (and that’s practically all of them) have a CTV device. The new normal when it comes to TV watching is hopping from traditional television to CTV, which may sound like fragmentation — but it can actually be beneficial to advertisers’ efforts.

That’s because adding CTV ads to a traditional TV ad campaign can increase ad recall by 34%, according to research conducted by Roku and Magna. That’s compared to a meager 6% lift generated by adding a traditional TV spot to the campaign. By establishing a presence on both CTV and traditional television, advertisers can not only increase their reach, but also benefit from enhanced impact on their audience.

Connected TV in the News

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