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How to Design a Fashion and Apparel Ad Tailor-Made for Your Audience

Written by Tim Edmundson

With the new accessibility to ad tech platforms and cool new features available for brands to use, there is a lot of opportunity to create some amazing fashion and apparel ads. But some of the creatives seen around the digital landscape for this industry just don’t measure up. We talked to our designers about their recommendations for any fashion and apparel brands looking to get started on designing their next campaign.

Let Your Brand be Your Guide

One of the most important things to focus on when designing your fashion and apparel ads is not just coming up with something off the cuff – follow your brand style guide. In the very apt words of our designers, “Does the ad ‘suit’ your brand?” Utilizing your brand guide is especially important for fashion brands, as it can be difficult to stand out in this extremely saturated market.

This ad conveys the overarching style of the brand it advertises with stylized fonts and bold images.

You also don’t want to shock any customer who clicks on your ad with a very different-looking landing page. As the fashion and apparel industry becomes increasingly saturated with fast-fashion brands, attempts to create trust should be essential to any campaign. Don’t scare away customers from your products by making them wary of your brand the second they click through to your site. And remember, even if a viewer doesn’t click on your ad, it is important that the ad leaves them with an impression of what your brand stands for and what your products look like.

Consider using playful language and lifestyle images is your brand has a more youthful vibe.

Use Movement to Stand Out

Using videos will stand out from other fashion and apparel ads, which tend to focus on still images. If you don’t have video for this exact reason, any movement will be helpful to capture the eyes of your audience. Try creating ads with animated still-images, to create a sense of visual arrest and hopefully capture the eyes of those you are attempting to target. These ads can be especially rewarding when you are targeting younger demographics, which happen to be the fastest growing audience in the fashion and apparel industry.

The background of this ad is a video, which will catch the eye of a viewer so they can spot the content better.

Your Content and Images Should be Engaging

This may seem obvious, but the last feature of designers wanted us to emphasize was the importance of the visual language of your ad. The SteelHouse team of designers has found some of the most success in ads with full bleed, arresting imagery and bright colors. If it applies to your campaign, exciting lifestyle images can also be an effective way to catch the interest of potential customers.

Who wouldn’t want to hit up a pool party in their latest styles after seeing this ad?

It is, of course, important to pay attention to the intended purpose of your ad as well. If your campaign is based around a sale, make any discounts the focus of the ad. Another design element that our designers like to utilize is a countdown timer. This especially valuable ad feature helps you create a sense of urgency around sales or promotions, which those interested in your products may find hard to pass up.

So What’s Next?

All in all, with these recommendations in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a beautiful and engaging fashion and apparel ad. Just don’t forget to focus your ad to fit specific target audiences. But if you hadn’t considered that already, we have some unique targeting recommendations for fashion and apparel brands outlined here as a parting gift.