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How Connected TV Complements Super Bowl Strategy

Written by Tim Edmundson

The Chiefs Won the Super Bowl, But Who Won the Advertising Game?

The Amazon Echo with Ellen Degeneres, Coke with Martin Scorsese, Jeep with Bill Murray. Advertisers put out some great commercials this year, and SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas spoke with The Street to discuss those ads’ impact – and how they factor into advertisers’ overall strategies. The rise of Connected TV has changed the dynamic of TV advertising a bit, but that sea change hasn’t affected the Super Bowl quite yet, says the SteelHouse founder. He stopped by The Street today to give his take on how brands are leveraging the opportunities the Super Bowl provides.

“If you want to introduce a product like Coke Energy or the new Jeep, there’s no other way to reach that many people in one moment,” said Douglas. “And maybe they create some word of mouth this morning when people get to work and talk about the ads, talk about the products. That’s the key to the Super Bowl as a piece of a bigger advertising strategy.”

The Ad Game After the Game – Connected TV

With the Super Bowl being a premier live TV advertising event, it begs the question as to how Connected TV factors into the equation. With its targeting and analytics capabilities, more advertisers are pivoting to spending budget on the quickly-growing ad channel. How do will advertisers integrate it into their Super Bowl strategies going forward?

When it comes to Super Bowl ads, Connected TV is a big part of the strategy after the game, says Douglas. “Jeep wants to know when they keep running that ad, how many people are visiting their website, how many people are configuring cars — you can know that with Connected TV. That’s a big part of what makes it so powerful.”

Advertisers can now extend the impact of their Super Bowl commercials onto Connected TV, and reap the targeting and analytics benefits. It will be interesting to see in the next few weeks how many of these ads show up for viewers streaming television, as it will provide a glimpse into how advertisers are best leveraging Connected TV to compliment their traditional TV strategies.