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Written by Melissa Yap

What’s new in content this month? For starters, we’re revving up for the upcoming holiday season, with plenty of stats and insights to share. In customer success news, we dive into how EyeBuyDirect, a leader in eyewear, used Performance TV to get laser focused on their digital advertising efforts. We’ve also continued our battle series blog posts – this time looking at how SteelHouse stacks up against the major streaming platforms. Last, but not least, more video content in the mix to whet your appetite.

Why Choosing SteelHouse is Better Than Working Directly With Major Streaming Platforms

How do the most well-known Connected TV advertising platforms really stack up? And are you really getting your bang for your buck by going direct, or is there a more efficient way to go about it?

Read the blog post here.

Performance Marketing Dilemmas: Audiences

Should audiences over target or under target? The verdict is in. Take a look through our short and sweet content series where we demystify the common pain points that marketers face.

Watch the video here.

Make This a Very Merry Holiday Season

Advertisers, start your engines – this year’s holiday season is going to be a big one, and we have the benchmarks to prove why SteelHouse Performance TV is your best bet for breaking through the clutter.

Watch the video here.

EyeBuyDirect Reaches New Shoppers With a Spec-tacular Connected TV Campaign

Learn how this eyewear online retailer achieved 20/20 vision with Performance TV in order to drive consistent, strong website traffic and fuel their lower funnel campaigns.

Read the case study here.

Why Connected TV Advertising Are the Tools of the Trade For Performance Marketers in 2020 (And Beyond)

The future is looking so bright for Connected TV that you’ll need shades. 2020 is the year where Connected TV advertising became mainstream, and more advertisers are shifting their budget to digital than ever before.

Read the blog post here.

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