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Holiday Shopping Prep, e-Commerce Social Initiatives, & More | Midweek Marketing News

Written by Tim Edmundson

At the rate that digital marketing is moving, it’s important to be on top of industry headlines so you don’t fall behind the times. Luckily, there are plenty of sources that help you do just that. This month, Youtube made news as the most popular video channel for teens, just beating out Netflix for viewing time. Many e-commerce brands are also upping their social initiatives: companies like Abercrombie and Michael Kors have implemented campaigns that utilize new marketing offerings by Facebook and Instagram. And as we continue to get into the thick of the holiday shopping seasons, it’s important to keep track of where consumers are making their purchases. One study for that women will shop even more on their mobile devices this season, so take note!

Those headlines and many more have been especially useful to marketers looking to stay on top of industry changes. Here are some of the articles in marketing news that grabbed our attention.


Apple, Google, Amazon are world’s most valuable brands as Facebook slips, report says: A report conducted Interbrand has revealed which companies are going strong in regards to value, and which are falling behind. 

How To Implement Empathy In Your Marketing Strategy: Marketers are looking to take a more empathetic approach to their campaign strategies, realizing that this can be absolutely essential to their success.

YouTube trumps Netflix as most popular video channel for teens, Piper Jaffray says: A recent study has found that teens spend 37% of their daily video consumption on YouTube, just passing the 35% they spend on Netflix.

The New Playbook For Gen Z Marketing: As brands adapt to the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, it is important to understand one of the groups that is driving a lot of that movement.

Cadbury hopes to avoid ‘wallpaper’ marketing with digital-first campaign: As they launch their new ‘Heroes’ campaign via a digital content series, Cadbury hopes to engage new consumers and build brand love.

Navigating the martech maze: How to meet expectations: Having the right implementations ready to go will allow marketers to get the most creative and valuable results out of their marketing technology.


Brands get more Snapchat capabilities with new tool kit: Snap has released a tool that allows brands and publishers to share content on it’s app. This will allow for broader distribution and let brands boost web traffic outside the app itself.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister launch Instagram Checkout: Brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister are now offering checkout directly from the instagram platform. 

10 Steps To Build A Strong Social Media Brand: This list will help you to cut through the noise of your industry by developing a voice specific to your brand on social media.

Michael Kors doubles active users with Facebook Messenger tie-in: By using the Facebook Messenger chat app as the platform for their new Wanderlust fragrance campaign, Michael Kors saw a 105% week-over-week increase in active users.

Instagram’s IGTV Long-Form Video Destination Adds Support for Series: Continuing their updates of their IGTV feature, which allows for long-form video, Instagram is now supporting series based content. 

Snapchat pilots dynamic ads to broaden marketer appeal: Snapchat has introduced a dynamic advertising format that will help marketers by automatically creating ads in real time.


Mobile snags 70% of all paid search impressions in Q3, study finds: According to a study done by Kenshoo, more than half of search ad spend went to mobile in Q3 as marketers followed their audiences in their migration from desktop to mobile.

Study: In-game banner ads have high viewability, but low recall: Despite the fact that in-game ads are extremely viewable, a recent study conducted by Kargo has found that few people actually remember the ads they see in those apps.

Facebook looks to expand AR/VR technology with CTRL-labs acquisition: Facebook has announced that announced an acquisition of the neural monitoring wristband company, which will join their Reality Labs team.

45% of women make at least half of online purchases from phone, study finds: With nearly half of this survey’s respondents stating they intend to make their holiday purchases online, keeping track of which devices they convert on becomes essential. 

Smartphones are most popular devices for online shopping, survey says: According to AdColony and Mobile Marketer, Smartphones have risen in usage 8% to become the most popular devices for online shopping.

How to improve mobile user engagement: Mobile user engagement is important to improve on a continual basis. This article gives insight into how a marketer can actually achieve this goal.


That’s it for the roundup this week, we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.