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Get More Out of Facebook Video Ads

Written by Tim Edmundson

If you’ve been contemplating your next campaign and thought to yourself, “If only there was a way to combine the enormous reach and engagement of Facebook with the video ad format that’s proven to drive performance,” well do we have good news for you. Your wildest dreams have come true, because Facebook video ads exist, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

More good news, you’re not on your own. Facebook just published their Moving with Video Playbook, which they reached out to their Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) strong in video for guidance, one of which was SteelHouse. We’ve had plenty of experience helping our customers get the most out of video and social, and we’re proud to contribute our knowledge to help anyone out there who is looking to find success with Facebook video advertising.

“Facebook video ads have been a top performing ad unit for our clients,” says SteelHouse Business Development Manager Rachel Redman. “The industry as a whole is moving toward video because they’re naturally engaging and cover the entire sales funnel. Now is the time to get started with video if you haven’t already.”

Whether you’re new to video ads for Facebook, or are just looking for a refresher, the entire Playbook is full of great information and is worth a look. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we contributed. We think our guidance, along with the other great info available in the Playbook, will help any brand looking to succeed on social.


Be Smart About Raising Brand Awareness

Users naturally engage with content on social because their feeds are full of videos, pictures, and stories they find interesting. They also tend to run through it quickly, appreciating a post before moving on to the next. Your ads are going into this content mix so you need to ensure your creative grabs users’ attention and makes the most of it.

That’s why when you’re running video ads on Facebook and Instagram, quickly putting your brand front and center is key. It’s a great idea to present your brand within the first 1 to 2 seconds of your ad (you never know if that’s all the user will see). That way you ensure you’ll at least raise brand awareness if the user doesn’t view the video in full.


Follow the Golden Rules for Video

It’s said brevity is the soul of wit, and the same can be said about video ads. The standard run time for a video ad is 6 and 15 seconds, which means you have a limited amount of time to make your point. While a shorter run time may force you into an abbreviated version of your brand’s story, know that it’s for a good cause — shorter video length means higher engagement.

“The key to having a successful video campaign is to ensure you keep things short and to the point” says Redman. “Keep the video under 15 seconds and feature your brand in the first 2. Videos under 15 seconds tend to keep the audience’s attention, which lets you get your entire message across.”

“Keep it short” could very well be the new golden rule of video ads, but there are other things to keep in mind when trying to get the most out of video. Here are a few to consider:

> Objectives like brand awareness and reach give wider exposure to your ad. Keep in mind that your potential audience size is directly tied to your budget, so pick an audience that supports the budget you’re looking to spend.

> Quality matters. View duration is heavily dependant on the quality of your video, and the accuracy of your reach. Don’t confuse this with completion rate or percent of video completion, which are correlated with the video’s length.

> Keep it relevant! Ad relevance is tied to CPM, meaning as your relevance increases, your CPM decreases. If your relevance is high, you will get more impressions at a cheaper cost — that’s a good deal.

> Shorter video is great for capturing a newer audience’s attention and raising brand awareness. That’s not to say there’s no place for long-form video; videos with longer runtimes are great for engaging long-term fans of your brand.


Tailor Your Video Ads to Your Audience

There’s a lot of other content to compete with on social, which means your ad’s relevance to users has to be on point. A one-size-fits-all approach to video ads isn’t always the best route to take.

If you’re looking to expand your audience but the people you want to reach are a different buyer persona, you’re not going to want to run the same creative you’ve been using to reach your current customers. Instead, create an additional ad set with a video ad more tailored to their sensibilities. Editing an existing video asset may sound like it would take considerable time, but tools like the Ad Builder in the SteelHouse Advertising Suite remove an enormous amount of time and labor from the process.

“It’s essential to diversify your video creative based off the users you’re looking to reach. The key to reaching varied audiences effectively is to include multiple ad sets with relevant creative,” advises Redman.

For example, let’s say the holiday season is coming up and a men’s apparel brand wants to expand their potential purchaser base. Instead of expanding the current ad set parameters to include both men and women, it would be best to create a new ad set and target women in a relationship with a video ad tailored to gift giving. This will not only land better with the new audience, but it will also lower the CPA since you’re targeting women who are in the market for gifts. Not to mention that the more relevant the ad, the better your CPM will be.


Make it Easy with Automatic Placements

We’re big fans of automation. We’ve introduced it into many facets of the Advertising Suite, from auto ad resizing to campaign optimizations, so we won’t hesitate to recommend it when we think it will benefit our customers.

Automatic placements are a great way of introducing efficiency and performance to your campaign. When selecting to run your campaign with automatic placements, your ads will be served across Facebook’s family of apps and services, and will gravitate toward placements with the best performance. This allows your ads to reach a widespread audience, makes efficient use of your budget, and removes the guesswork around which placements to focus on.


Get the Most Out of Facebook Video Ads

Our contributions to Facebook’s Moving with Video Playbook should definitely get you on the right course when it comes to video ads on Facebook. You won’t find a better expert for Facebook video ads than Facebook and FMPs like SteelHouse. It’s why the Playbook is so essential for any brand looking to advertise with video on social — we work with video ads all day, every day, and we’ve learned a thing or two.

“Video ads have proven to be successful for all types of brands, and FMPs like SteelHouse help you create them,” says Redman. “Don’t have video? No problem, we have your back.”

Check out the full Playbook and see what SteelHouse and other FMPs have to say, you’ll be happy you did. To download the complete Playbook, click here.