Retargeting 5 Min Read

Get a Second Chance with Retargeting

Written by Tim Edmundson

Fun fact: 98% of first time site visitors don’t convert. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly “fun” for marketers, but it does represent opportunity. Just because they aren’t buying on their first visit doesn’t mean they’re against the idea entirely. Maybe they were just curious about your brand, maybe they’re researching a potential buy, or perhaps they just like to window shop. Whatever their reason was for visiting, the fact is you now have them in your funnel, and it’s time to take advantage of it.

And that’s exactly what retargeting does. By serving ads to users who have visited your site, you get a second chance to earn a sale with people you know are interested in your brand. This is the main reason to run retargeting campaigns, but there are plenty of other benefits. Let’s examine why retargeting is a cornerstone of any marketer’s mix.


Make Your Prospecting More Valuable

We recently touched on why prospecting is important for any brand’s marketing efforts. We focused on how prospecting can keep your retargeting campaigns humming along by bringing in new people to your site. Well, the inverse is true as well — retargeting makes your prospecting campaigns more valuable.

That’s because prospecting help create a valuable asset — site visitors — and retargeting lets you put that asset to work. By capitalizing on all the site traffic prospecting creates, you can drive conversions from users who decided not to buy on their first visit. After all, if you’re spending budget on prospecting to drive brand awareness, you may as well put that awareness to use and grab some sales as well.


Put Data & Insights to Work

One of the strengths of retargeting is the ability to segment your audience. When you’re tracking site visitors and their activity on your site, you can break users into segments based on their level of engagement. For example, you’re going to want to message users who visited multiple pages or specific pages differently than someone who just briefly landed on your page. With retargeting campaigns, you can reach these users with specific messaging that will likely prompt them to take action, rather than serving general ads to all site visitors.


Capture Cart Abandoners

This is a big one. Nearly 70% of carts are abandoned by e-commerce shoppers, which means there are billions of dollars in unsold goods just sitting in carts. That means there are billions of dollar in opportunity, just waiting to be taken.

Retargeting campaigns are an excellent way of pushing those shoppers over the line to convert. Equipped with the data of which shoppers have abandoned their carts, you can entice them back with ads featuring the very items that are sitting there, forgotten. With a fresh reminder of what they once wanted, many shoppers will return and convert.


Raise Brand Awareness

Prospecting gets the glory when it comes to brand awareness, but retargeting campaigns do their fair share as well. Once someone visits your site, your retargeting campaign can continue to keep your brand front-and-center, which helps raise your brand’s profile among people who you know are interested in what you have to offer.

Retargeting ads will keep your brand top of mind for shoppers so that when they’re ready to convert, you’ll be there. Retargeting campaigns combine brand awareness with performance, and that’s a pretty good mix.