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GDPR & SteelHouse

Written by Ali Haeri

The European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) will go into effect this evening at 5:00PM Pacific. The regulations are designed to assure the security of user data and to protect users’ interests when their data is requested or used.

While some of the details of these regulations are new, the core concepts are not. SteelHouse has served billions of ads to millions of people for thousands of brands. We only work with publishers of the highest quality, who respect user privacy and take data security seriously. SteelHouse also takes great care to employ best practices that ensure any data that passes through our hands is acquired and stored properly.

But we can always do more.

In compliance with the GDPR activation, SteelHouse is taking several steps which will further fortify our commitment to user data privacy and security.

First, we have refined our user privacy policy to fully comply with GDPR. We have also named a Data Protection Officer, who is responsible for our adherence to the new standards. Lastly, we have updated our pixel so we are able to properly engage users in the EU who have consented to the use of their data for advertising purposes.

SteelHouse is built on innovation. While GDPR was designed to protect users and to unify the rules that protect them, we don’t believe it represents the final word on user privacy or data security. We feel our commitment must go beyond regulations, which can be out of step with the current state of the technology, in order to operate openly and honestly with our partners, our customers, and the users that trust them.

SteelHouse will remain an active voice in the ongoing dialogue that seeks to protect users and their data. We also remain committed to advancing the art and science of advertising through the creation of a user experience of the highest quality. Ultimately, it is the balance of these two ideas that guide our business and our relationships.

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