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From A (AI) to Z (Zoom): SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas Talks Digital Transformation Trends With Cheddar TV

Written by Melissa Yap

SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas provided no hesitation in citing the two biggest pandemic-fueled tech trends, “Video conferencing – it’s now considered difficult to not be in a video conference – and the gig economy.” However, the term ‘gig economy’ encompasses many different parts, each of which have fared differently. While food delivery has exploded due to dining restrictions, the pandemic hasn’t been too kind on drivers.

Technology Predictions for the Future: What Will Matter Most?

Communication was the running theme of dominating trends – but it’s also the one that has the most potential for innovation. As Douglas explained, “we can talk and communicate to each other, but it’s really hard to collaborate. There’s not been nearly the amount of innovation in terms of remote collaboration that’s needed…there is a huge opportunity for tech companies to evolve beyond one-to-one communication of simple Zoom calls, where we can discuss and create new ideas remotely.” Could this mean white-boarding could be a remote exercise in the future? We hope so

How Current Digital Transformation Will Impact Business in the Future

“It’s not necessarily that businesses have to adapt – where they do business will have to adapt. America is on the move…I think you’ll see that reflected in where businesses are being created and where they service their customers” says Douglas. However, that’s not all – customer behavior patterns are likely to change as a result, as are the tools available to track them. “There’s a lot of innovation to come, [like] machine learning technologies, which analyzes large amounts of data. Most businesses aren’t getting the data they need to truly understand their customers and understand how their patterns have changed. it’s an area that’s underserved.”

However, Douglas predicts that health tech will be the biggest disruption over the next five to 10 years. “The COVID-19 vaccine was developed using a whole new technology, [even] the way pharmaceutical drugs are created are all moving into genetic treatments and other types of new technology that people will adapt to very quickly. COVID-19 has accelerated these [innovations] virtually overnight.”