Creative, Retargeting

Design Ads That Are Built To Perform

Written by Tim Edmundson

Imagine a world where every visitor to your site fills his or her shopping cart with valuable, high-margin items. They happily click through the checkout process and complete their transaction on their very first visit. Heck, they even sign up for your email list.

What a wonderful, magical, and (sadly) unrealistic world! While this all sounds great, it just isn’t meant to be. Only 15% of consumers will make a purchase on their first visit to your site, which means you need to figure out a way to make them come back.

It isn’t enough to put just any retargeting ad out there and wait for your customers to return. Mastering these creative best practices is key to getting a strong and consistent message out to your audience with attention-grabbing ads that give them intent to take action.

1. CREATE A VISUAL VOICE – Use images, or better yet videos, that catch the eye and capture the vibe of your brand. In fact, ads with video generate 9X as many post-click site visits as standard banner ads. No matter what, keep your style consistent across your ads so it becomes a calling card for your brand. If your customer knows who the ad belongs to with just a quick glance, you’ve already won half the battle.

2. BE DIRECT – You won’t have much time or space to convince your would-be customer that they need to give you a second look, so cut through the clutter and get right to what’s in it for them. Direct language with a bold typeface is best, especially when working with limited attention spans.

3. BE INSPIRING – If your ad’s distinct visuals and bold copy have caught their attention, great! Now it is time to reel them in. Include a call-to-action that motivates your soon-to-be customer to click through and complete their transaction. This can often be the nudge needed to convert a sale. We’ve found ads with “Shop Now” perform the best.

4. INCENTIVIZE – Online consumers have a lot of options, so be sure to give yourself an edge by tying your ads into any incentive programs you have active. Discounts, free shipping, free trials, two-for-ones — if you’re offering a good deal, make sure your customers know it.

5. KEEP IT FRESH – Don’t limit yourself to too few ads in your rotation. Data shows that an ad’s clicks can drop as much as 50% after just five months, so be sure you take the time to create a variety of options for your campaign.

Keep these pillars of creative direction in mind and you’ll be putting your retargeting campaigns in a position to win customers and generate conversions. While the dream of packed-to-the-brim shopping carts of first time visitors may remain just that – a dream – you can at least make the most of reality by following these best practices.

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