3 Ways Retargeting Can Boost Post Holiday Sales

Written by Tim Edmundson

Sure, we are all exhausted from the holidays come January, but don’t get lazy when it comes to your campaigns. With eCommerce sales projected to grow by 18% in 2015, now is the perfect time to keep your pre-holiday momentum going. Here are a few ways you can leverage retargeting to help get back in shape:

Target Holiday Shoppers Who Didn’t Make a Purchase

While retargeting might be most often associated with “cart abandoners” or “previous purchasers,” don’t forget about the other opportunities audience segmentation gives you. Over the holiday rush, many people may have reached your site without even adding anything to their cart. If you specifically target this group with special promotions or customized messaging, you just might win over some brand new customers.

Promote Complementary Items to Those Who Did

You know what might go with that new big screen TV? Maybe a new sound system. January is a great time to test a few complementary promotions targeted to those who previously purchased major items. With people in “save-mode” post holidays, the sale or discount will be key. And even if they do not purchase, you will be top of mind for when they are ultimately ready to pull the trigger.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat in Social

Repeat your email promos on Facebook for extra exposure. Depending on your industry, as few as 18% of your email will be opened. Is sending yet another email really the answer? Probably not. Instead, repeat your email message in their Facebook feeds. Even if they only saw your email subject line, the Facebook ad will reinforce your message. And you know what people are doing after the holidays? Posting and looking at photos on Facebook. Perfect!