Connected TV 5 Min Read

Why Connected TV Will Be the World’s Biggest Ad Channel

Written by Tim Edmundson

We’re on the cusp of a big moment in advertising. Connected TV, or OTT, is a new and better way to watch and advertise. Viewers are already onboard, with 195 million Americans expected to watch Connected TV this year. And the same can be said for advertisers, with Adweek recently reporting the number of advertisers on Connected TV rising 30% from last year — and that number is expected to grow. As viewer numbers increase and more brands jump on the bandwagon, it’s never been more clear that opportunities await on Connected TV.

“It made perfect sense for SteelHouse to become a Connected TV ad platform,” says SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas, “because it’s the next big digital channel and quite frankly going to be the largest digital advertising channel ever.” And it’s not just the scale of CTV that makes it exciting, either. For the first time ever, advertisers can target audiences with pinpoint accuracy, extend their campaign from the TV screen to display and social, and track the metrics that matter most — including visitors driven to your site.

Watch the video above to hear SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas explain why Connected TV will soon be the biggest story in advertising.