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Connected TV Viewers Are an Incremental Audience | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV viewers are an incremental audience

Reach More Viewers with Connected TV

Advertisers looking to expand their reach would do well to consider Connected TV. According to the IAB, the overlap between CTV and traditional television viewers is thinning. Viewers who watch ad-supported CTV content watch over four hours less of traditional TV per week when compared to the average viewer. Couple that with tens of millions of cord cutters, and CTV represents a unique way to connect with consumers you may otherwise be unable to reach.

Advertising on Connected TV not only captures viewers you may miss, but it also increases the effectiveness of your commercials. According to research from Roku, adding just one CTV ad to a traditional television campaign boosts ad recall 34%, compared to just a 6% boost generated by adding an additional traditional TV spot. With incremental reach and an ad impact that leaves an impression on viewers, CTV advertising is an opportunity worth exploring.

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