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    Connected TV Drives Performance That Matters

    Flying A Media saw direct impact on the metrics that matter most thanks to CTV

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    Connected TV 5 Min Read

    Connected TV Drives Performance That Matters

    Flying A Media saw direct impact on the metrics that matter most thanks to CTV

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    Flying A Media Knew to Look Ahead

    If you’re working to effectively reach your audience, you need to engage them on all fronts. From traditional media like TV and radio, to digital efforts like retargeting and prospecting campaigns, there are a lot of ways to connect with consumers.

    But nothing stops progress, and as consumer trends and habits change, so do the ways advertisers reach them. Agencies like Flying A Media and brands like Tulalip Resort Casino know this better than anyone. A traditional media mix consisting of linear TV, radio, and digital campaigns may have been enough to keep visitors coming to the resort casino in the past, but consumers have started to shift their attention away from traditional mediums. Flying A Media president Patrick Amsbry knew that if they were to keep generating strong results, they needed to look for new ways to engage their audience.

    “We’re still using traditional media,” says Amsbry. “But we’re now more of a digital and analytics company. And the way we do business is changing along those same lines. As we saw consumer media consumption habits changing, we knew we had to be more strategic for Tulalip. We wanted to do Connected TV.”

    Connected TV Brings Performance to Television

    Working with SteelHouse, Flying A Media soon learned that Connected TV (CTV) is different from its linear counterpart. Television has traditionally been used as a top of the funnel tactic to create brand awareness. CTV ads raise awareness just as well — they’re served just like regular TV commercials, just over streaming services — but what sets them apart is their suite of analytics which allows marketers to drive measurable performance through TV.

    CTV is what you get when you combine digital and television advertising. Viewers get a living room quality experience, on par with any other TV commercial they’d see in the comfort of their own home. Advertisers get to measure the actual impact their ad makes; brands can serve an ad over CTV, measure exactly how many times the ad was shown, then track website visits from viewers who saw their ad. To be able to measure whenever a viewer takes action after seeing a commercial is a traditional TV advertiser’s dream come true. For advertisers on CTV, it’s just called “Tuesday.”

    “It’s opened up a world of analytics we’ve never had in a linear television environment,” says Amsbry. “If you get excited about media metrics, this is something that you’re going to get extremely excited about.”

    He’s not wrong. CTV advertising presents marketers with a way to make TV actionable, introducing performance metrics into an extremely compelling medium. It transforms television from a top of the funnel tactic, to a full funnel strategy — and that’s huge.

    To see the performance Flying A Media and Tulalip Resort Casino generated with Connected TV, check out the case study here. Watch the video above to hear from Patrick Amsbry himself on how CTV has changed the way they advertise.

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