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Why You Should Run Video Campaigns on Social

Written by Tim Edmundson

If you’re not running video campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not getting the performance you should with your digital advertising. Video is a naturally engaging format — there’s a reason more people watch TV than read books (not to say that’s a positive… go read a book, people). Coupled with high engagement, social offers access to billions of consumers, with Facebook alone boasting a quarter of the earth’s population as monthly users. So if you’ve been considering whether to jump in and start running video campaigns on social, read on and let the research and our Facebook video case studies convince you that it’s time to take the plunge.

Social and Video, a Match Made in Heaven

As consumers’ habits and preferences continue to evolve, so do marketer’s strategies to reach them. Social and video — a platform with strong engagement and a format that grabs users’ attention — have emerged as the perfect pairing for marketers’ digital campaigns. Marketers have taken notice, and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, there’s no time like the present.

A recent study conducted by Trusted Media Brands and Advertiser Perceptions found the vast majority of marketing professionals have video in their plans — with short form leading the way.

> 58% definitely plan on using short-form pre-roll video, with 39% saying they might
> 38% will definitely use premium video, with 53% saying there is a possibility
> 28% report they will definitely use live-stream, long-form, and user generated video

Meanwhile, social has also emerged as the most important partner for video ad campaigns. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have eclipsed video platforms like YouTube as an important partner, with 68% of respondents naming social as a preference, compared to 60% for video sites.

Importantly, the study also reports that marketers have found social provides a better ROI and engagement than video platforms. After all, people visit sites like Facebook to be engaged with their world — they naturally like, comment, and share posts — and running video campaigns there puts ads amongst content that users are already engaging with. There’s logic as to why ads see higher engagement in social because it’s a natural part of the ecosystem.

SteelHouse Facebook Video Sees Strong Results

Based on the numbers above, it looks like running video campaigns on social is a good move based solely on the potential alone. But what’s better than potential? Results — and having cold, hard stats to back it up.

SteelHouse teamed up with some of our brand partners to run short-form video campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. To determine what sort of advantages video gave these brands — if any — we tested them against static-image ads Facebook and display ads. The results were compelling; the video campaigns saw higher engagement, lower CPAs, and ROAS that dwarfed the static campaigns. Here’s a sample of the performance Green Chef, an organic meal delivery service, enjoyed running video ads on Facebook.

> Click Through Rate | 5.75X Higher vs Static Ads
> Return on Ad Spend | Up 126% vs Static Ads
> Click ROAS | 36% Higher vs Static Ads
> Cost Per Acquisition | Down 36% vs Static Ads
> Click CPA | Down 27% vs Static Ads

These numbers look solid, and they weren’t outliers. Each brand that participated in the test saw similar results, and were all convinced of the power of video on social. To read more about our Facebook video campaigns, click here to get a sense of what sort of performance is available through running video ads on social. Armed with the knowledge of what can be done, it’s time you get advertising with ads on social today.