What to Add to Your Ads to Get Them Noticed

Written by Tim Edmundson

Most display and retargeting ads are boring. They are static ads that show little to no creativity. You probably can’t even think of an example of the type of ad I’m talking about because chances are you haven’t bothered to look at one recently.

But, some ads do stand out. They grab your attention, make you want to interact with them, or uniquely display products you’re interested in. Here are a few ways you can make sure your ads fall into this bucket instead. 


Use Video Background.  
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video is worth thousands of clicks. Ads with video generate 9X as many post-click site visits as standard banner ads. The use of video does more than just draw a user in, it can also improve brand perception by telling a compelling narrative and spreading the story of the brand in a way that a simple image never could. Adding video background to your ads is the #1 way to get them noticed.


Make Your Ads Count. Literally.  
Countdown timers are the most effective way to create a sense of urgency and draw attention, increasing your conversions by up to 332%. Pair a countdown timer with urgent messaging and your campaigns will be unstoppable! But don’t think you’re limited to a boring timer that counts down until the end of your sale. Try an inventory counter that displays available products “While supplies last.”


Go Round and Round.  
Simple product carousels are so 2014. Why not take it to the next level? Try a dynamic 3D Product Carousel that displays what’s trending this summer, new products, customer reviewed products, items in cart, or recently viewed. Test out a few options to see what works. You can start out with video background in the first scene and transition to a dynamic carousel in the second scene.


And Scene.   
Ads that feature multiple scenes create movement. Use multiple scenes to keep the ad content fresh and rotating. In the same way that a video background increases your ability to tell your brand’s story, multiple scenes allow users to experience more. You can promote interaction if you add a scene selector.

As digital advertising evolves, the competition for attention increases. But that just means it’s time to get creative! Try to integrate a few of these features in your ads and see how they improve your results.  Hey, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous – combine video background with a countdown timer that features a 3D product carousel in the third scene. Mind blown.

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