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There’s a Right Way to Tell a Six-Second Story

Written by Tim Edmundson

Ad Age recently published a story, based on research by FreeWheel, that touts the benefits of advertisers employing six second advertising. According to their findings, six-second ads definitely have a home in a marketer’s media mix — if they’re used properly. Here are a few of the more interesting discoveries.

> Six-second ads have a more positive impact when used to reinforce a message already delivered by a longer ad.

> When shown six, 15, and 30 second spots together, purchase intent was highest when a six second ad was shown last in the sequence.

> Interestingly, when used exclusively, 15-second ads were seen as twice as effective as six-second and 30-second ads. This shows that the six-second ad is best utilized as part of a bigger story.

It’s interesting to see, as six-second ads become more prevalent, the data is beginning to tell a story on how best to use them. It seems that it was only a matter of time before their true potential was unlocked.

What the Experts Say About Six-Second Ads

We’re no stranger to six-second ads. At this past SXSW, SteelHouse CPO Marwan Soghaier, along with Geoff White of Green Chef and Janice Sutter of GSD&M, discussed how marketers can plug six-second ads into their marketing mix. You can check out the full panel here — it provides a look at how marketers are examining the best ways to utilize the short-form format, and is definitely worth a watch.

In light of Ad Age’s article, and the ongoing discussion around six-second ads, we felt it would be a great time to showcase our panelists’ offstage thoughts. Check out the video below to see how marketers can best utilize six-second advertising, and what role it can play in the bigger picture.