Go Beyond Typical Product Carousels

Written by Tim Edmundson

Dynamic creative is not just about cool technology, it performs better. Dynamic ads tend to perform 2X – 4X better than static ads. The most popular way to make your ads dynamic, relevant, and promote interaction, is with a product carousel that displays content based on behavior.

Product carousels are nothing new; they’ve been going round and round in display and retargeting ads for quite some time now. It’s common to see a simple version of a carousel ads with the items left in your cart. But we’re here to tell you there’s no need to settle on a common carousel. We’ve gathered a few creative options you might want to take for a spin.

TIP: Find a vendor who gathers real time data and does not require a separate product feed to run your dynamic content.  

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS | This is a great way to introduce your current customers to new products or to show relevant products to potential new customers based on what they’ve already viewed. Plus, once you’ve tried a product based on a recommendation you’re more likely to trust recommendations from that brand in the future.

ITEMS IN YOUR CART | The “old faithful” of dynamic ads. This type of product carousel has a high conversion rate because it’s served to an audience who is already lower in the conversion funnel. Reminding people of the items they already liked enough to add to their cart just makes sense.

LAST VIEWED PRODUCTS | So they haven’t put the product in their shopping cart yet, but when someone looks at a product it shows a higher level of intent. This campaign acts as a reminder and helps your customers easily browse back to the product(s) they’ve already shown they are interested in.

WHAT’S TRENDING | This dynamic campaign promotes the top products currently trending on your site. If you find the right marketing solution, trends can be segmented to a specific product category, brand, or can encompass the your entire site’s inventory. Why does this campaign work so well? Social influence often plays a role in our decision-making. This is commonly known as social proof, a phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect the “correct” behavior or make the best decision.

MOST POPULAR | While “What’s Trending” displays the products currently trending, “Most Popular” campaigns show the top products over a longer period of time like a month, a season, or all time. This can also be segmented by brand or by category.

MOST POPULAR BY LOCATION | Why waste your budget marketing heavy down jackets to people in Florida? Controlling the products your carousel displays, based on location, is not only a great way to ensure your ad is relevant; it also makes your ad spend more efficient. And it’s not just retail that can benefit from this; there are plenty of industries that provide products and services based on location such as auto, travel, and entertainment.

TIP: Make sure the solution you choose is flexible. You want to have options when it comes to how you can display your dynamic content, how the rotation works, the number of product included, etc.

 So whether you display dynamic content front and center in your ads or you start with a video background and transition into a carousel in a second or third scene, product carousels are definitely an ad feature worth mastering.

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