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Cord Cutting Continues Upward Trajectory

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV Is Becoming the Go-To Option

Cord cutting was all everyone could talk about a year ago — millions of viewers were cancelling cable and satellite subscriptions left and right. And while the focus lately has been on the major players like Disney and NBCUniversal entering the streaming business, that doesn’t mean cord cutting isn’t still major news. According to new research from consumer analytics firm Resonate, over 53 million people have cut the cord so far, and another 16+ million may join them in the next three months alone. That means record numbers of viewers are accessing TV content the only way they can — Connected TV.

That’s why Connected TV has become a crucial part of any advertiser’s television strategy. Viewers are shifting their viewing habits away from traditional television, with the platform seeing a 3% drop in paid subscriptions in 2018. With viewer trends going the way they are, advertisers are beginning to shift from seeing CTV as a ‘nice-to-have’ channel to a key part of their television strategy.

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