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Viewers Take Action when Streaming CTV

Written by Tim Edmundson

65% of Connected TV viewers using a second screen while streaming will look up a product they see advertised.

Multitasking CTV Viewers Take Action on Ads

People watch television differently these days, and it’s not only what they watch, but how they watch it. According to research from the Video Advertising Bureau, nearly two out of every three people will look up a product they see advertised while watching Connected TV if they are using a second screen at the same time. That means if a viewer has their phone or tablet in-hand while watching CTV, there’s a good chance they’ll end up on an advertiser’s site.

This is a huge boon to Connected TV advertisers. Ads shown on CTV can lead viewers to take immediate action — whether it be a site visit or a conversion. CTV’s ability to engage audiences and prompt quick action is a huge advantage for the channel, and will only serve to draw more advertisers.

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