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Viewers Choose Multiple CTV Services

Written by Tim Edmundson

Viewers use an average of 2.75 streaming services, up 26%

Viewers Spend Time Across Multiple Services

As more Connected TV services enter the market, the more viewers are splitting their time among them. According to new research from TiVo, viewers are adding more streaming services, both subscription and ad-supported, which goes to show the current fragmentation of the CTV space. Viewers are splitting time among services because often times the content they want isn’t centralized on one network —  and this can be a problem for marketers if they aren’t prepared.

Fragmentation is a real issue for advertisers trying to reach substantial audience through Connected TV. A piecemeal approach, where marketers go to individual streaming services on a one-by-one basis, is inefficient and can carve into CTV’s impact. That’s why a platform-based approach has real merit; by utilizing a platform which has access to inventory across a wide range of streaming services, marketers can easily expand their reach and drive better value for their advertising budgets.

Connected TV in the News

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