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Streaming Has Created the Next Big Ad Channel | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

"CTV will be the largest digital advertising channel ever"

CTV Advertising is Positioned to be Huge

If you’ve cut the cord, or know someone who has done it, you’re not alone. According to updated estimates by eMarketer, the total number of cord cutters has increased to 33 million — a pace much quicker than previously anticipated. Consumers continue to point to price (the average cost for pay-TV service is over $100) as the main culprit, and are flocking to Connected TV services as a result.

This means there are plenty of viewers for advertisers to connect with. But it isn’t the only reason CTV will be the biggest digital advertising channel. CTV gives brands the ability to advertise on TV at a fraction of the price of a traditional TV buy, with laser-focused targeting and analytics to track performance. CTV combines the precision of digital with the Living Room Quality experience of TV, making it the perfect way to reach the customers advertisers value most.

Connected TV in the News

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Business Wire
Habits are built one day at a time, and plenty of viewers are making Connected TV a daily experience.

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There’s an OTT revolution going on, and companies like Roku are leading the charge on proving the strength of streaming.

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