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  1. How Connected TV Works
  2. Connected TV Ad Experience
  3. Measuring Connected TV

What is Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV, or CTV, is content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or OTT devices. SteelHouse’s CTV advertising allows brands to target their audience during premium, ad-supported shows provided by well-known networks.

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Top Brands Choose SteelHouse for Connected TV

Fox Sports
True Value
Universal Studios Hollywood
Land's End

Which SteelHouse Connected TV Solution is Right For You?

By choosing a campaign type based on your objective, your CTV ads optimize toward the outcome you desire.

Living Room Quality
Living Room Quality

Objective: Awareness

Advertise on premium episodic, on-demand, or live programming streamed to televisions.

Customer Success

Green Chef saw strong results with Connected TV that drove both brand awareness and site traffic.




view completion rate

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Multi-Screen Select
Multi-Screen Select

Objective: Reach

Reach as many viewers as possible across premium TV and web publishers on all device types.

Customer Success

A top eCommerce retailer reached a large audience while driving effective performance.


return on ad spend

0+ MM


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Objective: Performance

Drive viewers to your site with campaigns that start on TV and extend to display ads on mobile and desktop.

Customer Success

A top 3 travel site generated a 3X higher ROAS when compared to their display retargeting efforts.


cost per acquisition


site visit rate

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No Matter the Solution, You Get More With SteelHouse

Every SteelHouse Connected TV campaign is powered with technology that goes beyond what’s expected.

Audience Extension
Audience Extension

Keep your audience engaged across web and mobile by automatically serving display ads to viewers who saw your CTV ads.

Direct Access
Direct Access

Launch your own CTV campaigns, or check your campaign performance at anytime with self-serve access.

Dynamic Spend Optimization
Dynamic Spend Optimization

Your campaigns intelligently optimize all day, every day, to automatically drive toward your campaign’s desired outcome.

Choose Your Solution, See How it’s Done

Already know which solution is right for you? Need help deciding which is best for your brand? Let’s talk.

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