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Publishers Making Connected TV the Focus | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

52% of broadcast publisher impressions were served on Connected TV.

More Impressions Are Appearing on Connected TV

The volume of Connected TV advertising continues to rise, as over half of broadcast publisher ad impressions were served on CTV devices, according to a new study by Innovid reported by Adweek. The research showed that CTV impressions increased by 178 percent year over year, and the number of advertisers running CTV campaigns increased nearly by a third in that same stretch of time.

With the volume of impressions growing, it’s become clear that Connected TV advertising isn’t an opportunity for tomorrow, but today. The amount of networks, content, and inventory available on CTV is at an all time high, and will only continue to grow as cord-cutting and streaming trends maintain their upward trajectory.

Connected TV in the News

DirecTV Now Adds ‘Todo y Más,’ Option
Multichannel News
DirecTV Now, AT&T’s OTT TV service, has introduced a new streaming package that features a blend of more than 50 Spanish-language channels and 40+ English channels.

85% of Millennials Subscribe to at Least One OTT Service
Broadband TV News
The trend is evident among other age groups as well, but millennials lead the way in CTV adoption.

AT&T to Launch its WatchTV ‘Skinny Bundle’ Video Streaming Service
The CTV offering will be free for customers with certain unlimited data plans, and will include 30 channels like CNN, AMC, and TBS.

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