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People Tune Into Connected TV From Home | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

89% of Connected TV Viewing Takes Place on TV Sets

People Watch Connected TV In the Comfort of Their Homes

When viewers watch Connected TV, they’re looking for Living Room Quality™ entertainment. That’s why the vast majority of viewers watch CTV programming on their couch in front of their television. While it’s true that many CTV apps are available on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, viewers are mostly using it as a replacement for traditional television watching.

When advertisers consider Connected TV, they must recognize that many viewers are now treating CTV as the new, normal way to watch television. Over 22 million people have already cut the cord, because they can get an improved experience with CTV, and still get the same blue-chip networks and programming. By running ads on CTV, advertisers can replicate traditional television quality, but with better targeting, tracking, and analytics.

Connected TV In The News

For OTT Giants Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Roku & Apple, It’s a Jump Ball for Brand Budgets
In the battle for brand budgets, OTT giants have a lot going for them. Most importantly, they have eyeballs. Lots of them.

I Want my Connected TV
Check out our latest CTV infographic to see how the TV landscape is changing, why, and what brands can do to take advantage.

Over-the Top Boosts Total TV Viewing in April: Wieser
Multichannel News
TV viewing grew in April for the second straight month, thanks to a huge increase in viewing on connected devices.

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Green Chef Serves Up Over 437,000 Impressions with Connected TV Ads

Green Chef, a leader in home food delivery, provides certified organic meals to customers every week. Looking to expand their audience and reach new potential customers with video content, they turned to SteelHouse to launch ads in the Connected TV format.

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