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More People are Buying Smart TVs | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

70% of TVs Shipping in 2018 are Smart TVs

More Smart TVs Means More Connected TV Viewers

Not only is the way people watch television changing, so are the televisions themselves. According to research conducted by IHS Markit, the percentage of smart TV shipments has jumped over 20% since 2015, when they made up less than half. “The rise of streaming video availability worldwide especially for special events like the World Cup and Olympics, along with continued growth for global streaming video services,” says IHS Markit’s Paul Gagnon, “have encouraged strong growth in smart TV sales in recent years.”

This is good news for both Connected TV services as well as advertisers, as the potential installation rate for connected devices continues to increase.  That means more viewers have access to CTV, and advertisers have the chance to reach even more CTV viewers.

Connected TV in the News

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