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Pay TV Sees Biggest Drop Since 2010 | CTV News Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Total Pay TV Subscribers Dropped 4.1% in 2018

Cable & Satellite Are Losing Subscribers

The television landscape continues to change, and Connected TV is a big reason why. According to analysis conducted by MoffettNathanson Research, pay TV saw the biggest drop in subscribers last year since 2010 — the year cord cutting became a major trend. This coincides with CTV streaming services continuing to increase their subscriber and user counts, which is another sign that viewers are moving from traditional television to CTV.

Interestingly, this is the first year where cable operators were not able to make up for the subscriber loss with their internet-based bundles. Viewers are shying away from these typically higher-priced bundles (for example, AT&T’s bundle costs $35), and instead are opting for Netflix, Hulu, and free ad-supported streaming services that offer premium content at a fraction of the price. Viewers are voting with their wallets, and they’re voting for Connected TV.

Connected TV in the News

Adobe’s New Roku Partnership Will Help Advertisers Engage With 27MM OTT Viewers

The partnership will allow advertisers to leverage first party data on Roku’s platform for the first time.

Apple Takes on Netflix and Amazon With New TV+ Video Streaming Service

The iPhone maker is taking the plunge and declaring war on the existing streaming giants.

4 Ways to Create an OTT Strategy That Entices Cord-Cutters

Connected TV is a new ad space for a lot of brands, which means they need to know the basics on how to approach the channel.

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