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One in Four Don’t Have Cable | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

24% of U.S. Households No Longer Have a Cable/Satellite Subscription

Younger Viewers Choose Connected TV

There’s no denying there’s a major shift in how viewers consume television content. Viewers, especially younger ones, are turning away from cable and satellite and are instead turning their attention to Connected TV. According to research from Nielsen, many traditional television shows now have a median viewing age of older than 50 years old, which puts them outside the enticing 18-49 demographic that advertisers target. CTV viewers, meanwhile, have a median age of 31.

This is a trend that will not lose steam in the near term. Cable and satellite costs have chased many cost-conscious viewers away, and with Connected TV services offering affordable or free options they make for an enticing alternative. This is why 24% of U.S. households are going without traditional TV, and why that number will continue to climb as younger generations continue to adopt CTV.

Connected TV in the News

WarnerMedia Streaming Will be “Two-Sided Model” Blending Subscriptions and Advertising

The service will have three tiers and will be a mix of subscription and ad-supported content.

TV Streaming Surged 165% in Q4 2019
Light Reading

Conviva’s customer base saw 89% growth in overall viewing hours for 2018, including 165% growth in Q4.

Apple TV to Launch in Mid-April, Says Unconfirmed Report
Streaming Media

This year is looking busier and busier for streaming service launches, with Apple’s OTT offering rumored to be launching soon.

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