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More Networks Are Getting on CTV | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

“With more TV networks now developing their own direct-to-consumer offerings, advertising opportunities will increase.” Jason Wiese, VP of Strategic Insights, Video Advertising Bureau

More Networks, More Apps, More Opportunity

The Connected TV ecosystem is thriving, and that’s good news for advertisers. As more Americans cut the cord and join the 22 million others who no longer have a cable or satellite subscription, content creators and major networks are entering the space to capitalize on user growth. Major networks like CNN, ABC, ESPN, A&E, and more are joining the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon to reach viewers have no longer rely on traditional means of watching television.

Why is this important for advertisers? The growing number of networks and apps means more opportunity to reach key audiences. What’s more, the specific audiences on these apps coupled with Connected TV’s ability to laser target users makes CTV an attractive opportunity for any brand.

Connected TV in the News

Starz Is Coming to YouTube TV as a $9 Add-On
YouTube’s OTT service adds more content for their viewers — if those viewers are willing to pay a bit more.

Report: Roku Might Follow Amazon with a la Carte Video Plans
Fast Company
Similar to the Amazon Channels experience, Roku is planning on giving viewers a way to sign up for subscription services without downloading the app.

Millennials-Targeted OTT Service To Launch in July
Multichannel News
The new service, called Zeus, will offer original entertainment content featuring popular social media influencers.

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