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Television Ads Meet Digital Precision

If you ever wanted to know how many site visits your TV ads have generated, you can now.

SteelHouse provides detailed reporting that breaks performance down into the metrics that matter most. Our Verified Visits technology uses IP addresses to accurately attribute traffic driven by your Connected TV campaigns.

Site & Page Visits

Track viewers who visit your site.

Performance by Device

Pinpoint devices driving strong results.

1st Time Site Visitors

Identify users who are new to your brand.

Performance by Geo

Locate regions making an impact.

Performance by Creative

Know how individual ads perform.

Performance by Publisher/TV

Learn which publishers perform best.

Customer Success: Tulalip

This Seattle-based resort and casino came to SteelHouse with the goal of expanding their reach and driving awareness among a key audience.


Tulalip Resort Casino was searching for a way to reach a key, local audience. Seeking to connect with 35+ year old casino enthusiasts with a penchant for luxury hotels and in the market to travel, they turned to Connected TV advertising to leverage precise targeting to find their desired audience.

They saw a measurable impact on site traffic thanks to their Connected TV campaign, driving an impressive 1.4% site visit rate, with an average cost-per-visit of only $10.91. These numbers are notable for two major reasons; the visit rate exceeds the typical rate for display campaigns, and site traffic was trackable, documented, and measured.

This campaign’s performance blew us away, driving a site visit rate higher than what we see with display. Being able to combine TV advertising with the precision of digital is a huge advantage, and it’s exciting to know we can run an ad on TV and measure its actual performance. Thank you SteelHouse!

- Patrick Amsbry, Flying A Media

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