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Vast Majority of Streaming Viewers Opt for Ads | Weekly CTV Report

Written by Tim Edmundson

73% of Connected TV viewers watch ad supported ad content

CTV Viewers are Young, Affluent, and Choose Ads

When it comes to Connected TV, most viewers choose ad-supported streaming services. According to research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the vast majority of viewers opt for content that includes commercials. With the name recognition of Netflix and its commercial-free approach, this may come as a surprise to some. But it’s true; more CTV viewers choose to watch ads. And when you couple it with the fact 45% of CTV viewers watch ad-supported most of the time, it’s clear CTV represents a large advertising opportunity with a receptive audience.

Connected TV’s audience, which consists largely of younger affluent households with children, is highly valuable. What’s more, they’re receptive to ads. Not only do they choose ad-supported options, but about 1 in 3 viewers say ads on CTV are better than traditional TV commercials. This is due to CTV’s highly targeted ads, which make for a better user experience.

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