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CTV’s Share of Digital Impressions Continues to Rise | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

CTV makes up 27% of all digital video impressions, up from 13% in 2016

Connected TV is Becoming a Larger Part of the Media Mix

Connected TV is becoming a larger piece of the video media mix, with it more than doubling its share of total digital video impressions in the past two years. This growth is due in part to brands realizing CTV’s potential to connect with highly targeted audiences. With traditional TV advertising, brands buy based on the shows networks provide, with an idea of the audience attached to the content. Connected TV removes the guesswork, instead allowing brands to base their buys on audience.

Advertisers are leveraging this advanced targeting capability to connect with audiences that matter most. The fact they can buy advertising based on audience allows brands to efficiently spend their budget; they’re no longer spending money on large audiences containing few qualified prospects. Efficient spend and effective targeting makes CTV an enticing option for any brand looking to reach customers who are likely to convert.

Connected TV in the News

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45% of consumers who regularly watch video online say they mainly watch ad-supported CTV services.

The Value of Advertising Via Connected TVs
Digital Commerce 360
People stream now more than ever, and advertisers need to take advantage of CTV’s accurate targeting to reach relevant viewers.

Connected TV and Cable TV: Same But Different
The past year has seen cable networks build out their CTV offerings to meet cord cutters where they’re watching.

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