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Connected TV Viewers are Cost Conscious | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

77% of ad-supported connected TV viewers cut the cord due to cost

Cable and Satellite are Just Too Expensive

More traditional TV viewers are cutting the cord, and a major reason is the price of cable and satellite. The average cost of a cable subscription in 2018 is a whopping $107 a month, which is 50% higher than it was in 2010. Consumers are being asked to pay more for a bundle of channels, the majority of which they will never watch, and the sustainability of that model is definitely in question with the rise of Connected TV.

Connected TV gives viewers better choice and control over the content they watch, at a much better price. With its watch anywhere, anytime capabilities, consumers aren’t saddled with paying exorbitant amounts of money for programming they aren’t interested in. CTV services, whether subscription or ad-supported, are significantly cheaper than cable and satellite alternatives. All of this adds up to a much better deal for consumers, and a great opportunity for advertisers to meet them where they’re watching.

Connected TV in the News

Iger: Disney Will Run Hulu with Partners in Mind
Multichannel News
The Disney head says they will act in the best interest of shareholders once they achieve majority ownership of the streaming giant.

House of Cards Audience Drops for its Last Season, According to Nielsen
Netflix disputes Nielsen’s numbers, which is just another chapter in the history of conflicts when it comes to Netflix ratings and outside measurement.

Video Will Make Up 82% of IP Traffic in 2022, Predicts Cisco
Streaming Media
Video streaming to TVs will make up 27 percent of fixed consumer internet video traffic by 2022.

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